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WEDNESDAY, 25 AUGUST 2021, 2.00PM - 6.00PM (GMT +8)


The Challenge

Stage 1:

Paper Proposal 

Create innovative plant-based meat alternative complete with recipes that best represents Asia, preferably Singapore, and propose the associated business concepts.

20 Teams will be selected to go to Part 2.

Stage 2:

Guest Workshops & Investment Game 

During the Guest Workshops, a team of experts will provide the Top 20 teams key insights and information needed to make a compelling concept proposal.

Thereafter, teams will present your proposal to veterans from the F&B industry and real investors in an Investment Game to accumulate as much as possible virtual capital to support your concept. The top 5 teams who received the highest valuation advance to the finals! 

5 Teams will be selected to go to Part 3

Stage 3:

Culinary Demonstration

With the support of ADM and NTUitive, the top 5 teams will be using ADM's proteins and flavors to translate your idea into an actual product. Teams to present your product in a “live” Culinary Demonstration in front of a jury of experts.

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To promote and popularize plant-based protein meat alternatives.

To educate and challenge Food Science students and aspiring chefs to create the best plant-based meat alternative dish tailored to tailored to Asian, preferably Singaporean’s taste.


Promote the use of plant-based proteins by aspiring chefs in Asia.

Teams compete on composing recipes with their plant-based meat alternatives.

Finding new business potential for plant-based meat alternatives.

What is on the menu tomorrow?

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