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The Finals

Join us live for the Finals on Wednesday, 25 August 2021, to find out which team will emerge as the winner!
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The Top 4 Finalists will, with the support of ADM, convert their idea into a real edible products. During the Finals, teams have to prepare and present their teams dish to a jury of experts in the field of Flavor, Application, Business and Marketing. 

They will decide who will be the winner of the Plant Based Perfection Challenge 2021.

Meet Our Top 4 Teams

Over the past 5 months, the teams have benefitted from the ADM experts' guidance and invaluable support to experiment with plant-based proteins and flavours and translate their ideas into the final products!


Bak kwa is truly delicious to many, but the barbecued meat snack is also unhealthy and high in calories – causing most to hesitate to reach for another piece due to health concerns. The alternative – plant-based bak kwa – may seem healthier but did you know that they can be equally high in calories?

Team Temptations aims to be a gamechanger for indulgent food, starting with their Temptations vegan bak kwa which not only tastes and looks good – it is also 25% lower in calories! They use wholesome mushroom and soy protein with their special low- calorie marinade to create a plant-based bak kwa that looks and tastes just like meat bak kwa.

In a recent survey, they have won over 60% of respondents with Temptation’s visual appeal, and 77% who tried their product thought it tasted delicious. Want to have your bak kwa and eat it too? With Temptations, you can.

Team Temptations.jpg
Team CVRRY.jpg


The CVRRY Chicken Puff is a unique twist to the Southeast Asian snack – it contains plant- based chicken that can be enjoyed by all. It serves as a more sustainable solution with the same taste, texture, and experience one will get with traditional puffs.


Wrapped in a delicious crispy and delicate vegan pastry, combined with a spiced plant- based chicken and curried potato filling, the CVRRY Chicken Puff will be a crowd pleaser. Beyond its great taste, it also serves up quality nutrition with its high protein and low saturated fat and sodium content – meaning that you can now enjoy it guilt- free anytime, anywhere!


Vrab is a plant-based vegan crab topped with Singaporeans' favourite chilli crab or black pepper crab sauce. Crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside, Vrab is best paired with deep fried mantou!


The Vrab team aims to be the market leader of Singaporean plant-based seafood and an icon of Singaporean delicacies.

Vrab 3_for website edited.jpg
Team XLBaos_1.jpg


XLBaos is making vegan xiao long bao by swapping the meat and broth for vegan alternatives.


Not just that, the team is also innovating with different flavours in order to create never- seen-before varieties – such as Laksa, Coffee, and Bubble Tea – which would serve a growing market of unique products catered to Singapore's food- crazed society – and beyond.

Panel of Judges

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