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Program & Timeline

ADM and NTUitive have put together a great program for you. There will be Workshops, an Investment Game, Lab Work and a final Culinary Demonstration.


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Workshops Info

Workshop sessions are for the Top 20 Teams only.

All workshop sessions are hybrid mode - physical and online.


Physical workshop venue:

NTU Innovation Centre, Theater @ Level 3, 71 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 638075

**Due to safe-distancing measures, the physical workshops are limited to 50 pax per session. Registration is on a first-come-first served basis. Due to limited slots, please register only for the physical sessions if you are attending so as not to deprive another participant of a slot. Thank you!


Online workshop:

Zoom link will be shared with registered participants

Workshop 1

Protein its functionality in Plant-based food and beverages

by Dr. Tony Payne

Workshop 2

Plant-based Meat Alternative Systems

Dr. Tony Payne

Workshop 3

Creating a plant-based Meat Analog. How is it made?

by Ms. Nica Delmo

Workshop 4

The Secrets behind Flavors & Maskers

by Ms. Kelly Awyong

Workshop 5

Bringing Plant-based innovations to the market successfully

Ms. Sarah Lim & Mr. Eelke Kroes

Investment Game

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About Investment Game

The Investment Game is an online platform to gamify and simulate the fundraising/ investment processes in the real world.


Players assume either of the 2 roles – ‘Investors’ (real Venture Capitalists, Business Angels, Investment Analysts or VC-wannabes, Industry Veterans, Business Professionals), and ‘Investees’ (competition teams or startups).


Game Objectives

The aim of Investees is to deliver persuasive, concise and powerful pitches under time pressure to convince Investors to invest in their business or idea and be the team with the highest valuation (final share price x total no. of shares sold) at the end of the Game. Winners of the Game usually make it Big in the real world!


The aim of Investors is to generate the highest portfolio valuation with a fixed amount of ‘play money’ of $1M.

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